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Our Bells

Now that you have a general introduction to All Saints of America Bells, and a brief history of bells within the Orthodox tradition, let us tell you some specific facts about our bells.

Cast of the finest bronze alloy, the distinguishing feature of All Saints of America Bells is their sonority and melodiousness. Unlike many Western bells, which are tooled to an exact tone, our bells reflect the tradition of Orthodox bell making which emphasizes a harmonic blend of many "voices".

Each of our bells is made with a wide range of specifications in minds, in large part determined by you, the buyer. Bell numbers 3 and higher receive icons, lettering, and ornamentation of your choice, pertaining to the unique setting wherein they will live


Our size and price list includes bell numbers 1-10 only. If you desire larger bells, we are capable of casting bells of multiple ton weight.
When you purchase our bells, our desire is to hand deliver them to your Church or Monastery. This depends of course on your location. But it is not uncommon for us to drive across several states in order to meet you in person, help install the bells, and spend time with you in worship as you hear their voices for the first time.


Guarantee: Our bells are unconditionally guaranteed against cracking and defects in workmanship and materials.

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